Why collaborative divorce and not mediation?

Why Collaborative Divorce? You have an option of Collaborative Divorce and Mediation. So you have to make that initial decision, of which route you want to go… Well, there is mediation… and most cases in the normal litigation model end up settling. Right? That is true most cases do settle in the litigation model. But […]

Military Divorce

Military Divorces can be complicated and deserve a different kind of attention than normal divorces. Tampa Military Divorce Lawyer William S Foley is experienced in handling military divorces covering all branches of the military and the office is attuned to dealing with the special issues in these cases. William S. Foley has represented military members […]

Time sharing Statute Florida

Time-sharing is governed by caselaw and Florida Statute 61.13, which states as follows: (3) For purposes of establishing or modifying parental responsibility and creating, developing, approving, or modifying a parenting plan, including a time-sharing schedule, which governs each parent’s relationship with his or her minor child and the relationship between each parent with regard to his […]