Legal Assistant

There are only two types of legal assistants in existence: Chelsea Butts and all the others.

After conquering the savage northern climate while obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University, Chelsea decided to take her talent to Tampa.

She joined, William S. Foley, PA in May 2014 and is also currently attending the SPC Paralegal Studies program.

In typical fashion of a tenacious CSU Viking, Chelsea already has her sights set on a law degree after conquering her second bachelor’s degree program.

As anybody getting to know Chelsea shall quickly discover, the extent of her passion for law is also shown in her passion for animals and volunteering.

If the adorable Lunar, her 2 year old Morkie, isn’t with Chelsea in person (a rare thing), the two are certainly together in thought and an overwhelmingly amount of pictures.

With Lunar’s help, Chelsea started up the incredibly successful Relay for Life program during her time at Cleveland State and continues to work closely with the American Cancer Society during her time off.

Chelsea also enjoys boxed wine and taking Zumba classes.